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Many people have suggested I start a blog but, being the technophobe I am I thought it would be too difficult!  Wrong!  This site has made it easy for me.

Just a bit about me - I'm in my 40's (enough said!) and a prolific writer.  My first book has finally been published and I have dozens more in the pipeline.   I started taking my writing seriously after a major accident left me in constant pain - it was as a direct result of this that I finished my first novel.  Everything else I'd had published to that point was short, usually articles for magazines and newspapers both here and in America.  My first article was published while I was working at a newspaper as a temp when I overheard a conversation which led me to believe nobody particularly wanted to do the interview.  i wasn't listening, but before I could stop myself I piped up that I'd do it.  Ooooops!  The Editor glared at me but I got my chance and came in on the following Thursday armed with pen and paper (I had no idea at that point that I could easily record the conversation - well I've always made life harder than necessary for myself).  I discovered then that I was interviewing Bjorn from ABBA Tribute Band Bjorn Again and it was the strangest interview I have ever done.)  I was given 24 hours to whip it into shape!  I wrote a hilarious article which was published iwth just one word changed.


At that time I had been interviewing celebrities for almost 5 years including (but not exclusively) Dame Edna, Gilbert O'Sullivan, Brotherhood of Man, Sir Norman Wisdom and many, many more.  I am in the process of transcribing those interviews onto my computer now!  There are rather a lot of them!  If anyone wants to know more, contact me via the blog comments or the contact form.

I'm currently doing a lot of freelance writing - to find out more, click on the relevant pages.  The first (and only at the moment) page is The Wishing Tree but I will be adding more as soon as I get a chance and I will add samples of the books.  Finally, both Paul and I are regular guests on the Jason Rosenberg show so make sure you listen to to hear more.  To find out more about Paul and how we ended up working together you'll need to log on and read his blog

Favourite Projects

Many people have asked what my favourite project is and I have to say it's BAP The Amazing Car which I've worked on with Paul almost from its inception right through to his present form.  So why have we not got BAP on our bookshelves and screens?  Well it appears that many companies are afraid of the competition because we know how successful he is going to be when he is relaunched shortly.  Please make sure you shoot over to the BAP page and keep checking in.  One of the children who gave us feedback told us (these are his own words - not bad for a 9 year old) that it's a case of market saturation!  The children LOVE BAP and I know some have made models of him as well as sent pictures into the BBC, but they are unable to purchase any of the merchandise (see the relevant page for details on that) because the market is flooded and it's the adults and producers/publishers who decide what they can see.  I can't walk down the street without somebody asking me about it!  Let's start a campaign so everybody knows who he is!  I'll be adding to the BAP page tomorrow. 

I'll close for now but I'll write more later!  Look out for Paul's blog over the weekend.

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