Finally I'm back!  Sorry it's been so long guys but I've had SO MUCH going on - and exams to top the lot. 

Just got back from Florida with my friend a week ago and had a FANTASTIC time.  The weather was so hot - it actually hit 101 degrees!  We were melting but still enjoyed every second.  We went on Harry Potter ride 11 times it was that good (though I wouldn't recommend the Griffindor (SP?) ride unless you have nerves of steel!  It's short but NOT sweet!

The castle (and, in fact, the whole of the Wizarding World of Harry Potter) takes your breath away with the incredible attention to detail.  Even as a writer I cannot find the word to describe it's brilliance.  Not to spoil it for anyone who plans to go, but the pictures DO move - I was naughty and touched a picture to see if I could figure out how it was done but I couldn't!  It just felt like a normal painting! :-)  Every single window in the shops that were not open had something to look at (the best time to see the Golden Snitch (which is in one of hte last shops you come to as you head for the caslte on the right hand side is at night (or during a thunderstorm)  It really shows up then, flying around the quaffles (or bludgeons - I'm still jetlagged).  Even the shops that are open have loads to look at both inside and in the windows - we spotted the extendable ear and remembrall (I should have got that for myself!) amongst many other things.  Mr Finche's Dungeon is incredible and what makes it even better is being able to see just a few of the real props they used in the film - they were honest enough to say when it was a replica but they did show us some of the real props.  The Marauder's map was actually working and you could see the footsteps and where they were.  Sadly it was too expensive to buy at $50 when it didn't work - when we were asked they said "The Ministry of Magic insist that we remove any enchantments when we sell things here!"  Both of us said we would have bought it if it had been working.

I have to say it was an absolute pleasure to meet the lovely Thomas and Kim who were staying at our hotel.  Please get in touch if you read this guys.

The Magic Kingdom has a brand new laser show which has to be seen to be believed.  If any of the pictures we took turn out I will post them on here.  They actually made the caslte appear to go into space.  If you're interested, check out The Magic, THe Memories and You - there are a few shows put on the internet (some better than others).  Some of the parades were so beautiful it brought tears to your eyes.  It was the Star Wars convention while we were there and we met some of the cast.

Now I'm back, sadly, but I am raring to go (I could go on and on about the holiday but you are probably not interested).  This holiday allowed me to have a much needed rest and a little sleep (long story) - I was asleep before my head touched the pillow!  Now I'm back I'm all fired up and I have plenty to do and keep you all informed about.  I am going all out to get my writing/editing and proofreading sorted, plus all my exam work.  I passed a whole chunk when I checked on my return so that is a little reassuring.  I now have a little more confidence in completing my studies (two more weeks to go - bites nails!) 

This blog will be updated on a weekly(ish) basis so keep tuned.  Make sure you listen to Letting Go by Julie Maguire.  It's simply beautiful.

Until next time!


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