Well, we live to fight another day!  :-)

Seriously though, I want to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas - let's hope next year will be happy and prosperous for everyone.  Most people I know have had a terrible year, so I hope things improve for us all.

So what's new on this site in 2013?

Well, the celebrity interviews will be coming thick and fast - and there will be a few authors added because several have agreed to be interviewed as part of the Year of Continuous Writing project I'm running.  This is proving to be immensely popular - and I am reliably informed that the new website will be launched in all its glory in mid-February.  I can't wait!  Amanda has done an amazing job!  Voting starts on the sites on Sunday I believe, so let me know if you'd like to see the site and vote on the colour scheme (the first part of the voting process).  The site will be a bit of a challenge for poor Amanda - I'm making a lot of suggestions and she's putting all the work in at the production end (sadly I can't help because I have no knowledge of FTP or HTML - thanks for all your hard work Amanda! :-)  I couldn't do this without you.  We are putting together an Ask the Author panel - more news on that when it becomes available.

Also, I will be launching the Top Ten books of the month - including a section (by request) for children.  I may ask you guys to vote for an overall winner ...  

One of the most popular sections this year has been my reviews - I am expanding this area and immensely looking forward to reviewing a number of new genres, as well as TV and film - again, by request.

There are a few more new segments being cooked up but, for the moment, they must remain strictly under wraps.

Do you have any new year's resolutions?  Do people still make them any more?  Is there a point to them?  People make new year's resolutions partly to signify a start over - does it have to be a new year to do this?  I'd be very interested to know your thoughts - I'm easy to reach!  Either fill in the blog comments, or the contact page.  Both of these are linked directly to me.  Can I PLEASE ask though, that you include your email address at the very least.  I am unable to reply if I have no contact information!   I have a few, the most important of which are I WILL get a number of my projects published and I will go on holiday.  

Happy Christmas everyone - see you in 2013! :-)


I've got 3 New Year's resolutions this year:

First is to make the YoCW website even more popular and maybe get it into search engines etc.

Second is to get an agent who doesn't mind holding my hand in the big world of publishing children's books (hint hint!) lol

Third is to get a diagnosis for my disability... I've been ill for over a decade and I'm still no further forward!


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