OK, I know this is unusual - me posting twice in two days - but I promise you, it will be worth it!

Back in 1995, I was lucky enough to work on one of my favourite projects with Paul about a friendly little car who simply wanted to help others.  I fell in love with the story and road tested it with other children - many of whom still ask me about it today, as do children who have seen the original book in the school library.

However, unfortunately that was not BAP's time. Since then Paul has worked tirelessly on this project and it has, at last, come to fruition!  Check out the links below.

Before you do, let me reiterate - the book is available for FREE download on I/Pads and I/Phones so please help SCRAP as he's now known, travel the world by taking a look at the book.

Clicking the link below takes you to the home page where you can download the book.  Let me know what you think - this project is VERY special to me.  More about this special project will follow, but I wanted to get this out to you while it's hot off the press! 

http://www.middlekingdomstudios.com/SCRAP_eBook.php - to download it, simply click on the 'Box' at the bottom of the web page..

Ian has also had a song composed and produced a video of the book which runs for the duration of the song. It's on our YouTube site. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x8_nIhZJXWw We hope you like it.

Until next time! :-)

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