Hi everyone, I thought I'd post while I had a chance - this is turning into a chaotic November!  Take the next two weeks:

Yesterday I had an amazing day - my counselling course went exceptionally well (considerably better than I expected especially as I was a world away from my comfort zone!)  We started learning how to counsel using Cognitive Behavioural techniques, which is completely different to anything I'd done before (I chickened out first and let my partner play the counsellor because she's more experienced and I thought I'd learn a lot from her (I did!)  Unfortunately, we were thrown a curve because we had to SWAP partners after the break, not just swap roles!  However, I'm happy to say that it went well - I need to build up my confidence a little (well, a lot!)

Immediately after the course I went to town to do some Christmas shopping and meet a friend for a meal and a concert.  While I was there I got inspiration for a crucial scene for my nano book so I nearly jumped out of my skin when she turned up.  We strolled up the road for a lovely meal at one of our favourite restaurants and followed that by a fantastic evening at a concert.

The theatre, rather unusually for those around here, actually sold hot drinks which was a huge relief on such a cold night!  The place was absolutely packed and I was worried - I was getting a front row seat if it was the last thing I did! We were pretty much the last in but it was unreserved so people could sit anywhere.  I flew down the stairs (which was tricky as I have a problem with my hip) when I spotted just TWO seats front and centre!  Luckily they weren't being reserved for anyone.

The support act were from Liverpool.  TJ and Murphy are two incredibly talented young lads who are huge in Norway and the rest of Europe.  These guys have a massive future ahead as soon as they get the break which, surely, can't be too far away.  i know everybody has different tastes but I particularly enjoyed them.  They came across as very warm and compassionate and sang with great feeling.  One of my favourite songs, which I've included a link to below was Raymond Steed, a beautiful ballad about the youngest person ever to be killed in World War Two - I have a lot to choose from but as we've just passed Rememberance Day I thought I'd let you hear this, especially as it is a true story.  Let me know what you think!

Kate Walsh came on next - I was particularly excited to see her because I've waited 7 long years.  I first saw her on This Morning and have liked her ever since but she has never been to my area.

Kate came across as shy, honest, friendly, funny and very girly (in a good way) and had a great rapport with the audience.  I could have watched her all night, even without a support artist.  She was joined on the stage by a cellist who gently underlined the beauty of her songs with her soft playing of the instrument which she handled tenderly, as though dealing with a new born baby, gently cradling it and creating a unique effect which added a depth and beauty to Kate's songs and music.  The result was sometimes startling - the music itself actually brought tears to my eyes because it was so touching, and unusual for me because, I'll be honest, I'm usually more drawn to the lyrics than the music.  I am spoiled for choice!  I could link so many of her songs to this website (I was going to link Snow but she hasn't done a video of that yet, which is a shame - it is her latest song) but I think I'll go with Fireworks because it is November so it seems the most appropriate!  Kate got the inspiration and wrote this song on firework night itself.  I think the songs speaks for itself! 

I was exhausted when I got in!  Today was busy but tomorrow I'm out on a course and doing Reiki for a lovely lady.  Then my friend is coming round (the same one I went out with last night).  Saturday I'm on a course from 10 til 4 and then I have to shoot into town for a meal and a show to see the Sundowners - have a listen to their music, especially Gone Into the Sun at http://www.myspace.com/thesundownersuk

Tuesday I have my course and then I go to Southport (a good hour away) to see a show (Gilbert O'Sullivan this time).  If you have time, please listen to his single Where Would we be, Without Tea? which you can find at http://www.gilbertosullivan.net/sound_&_vision/promo_videos.htm and That's All They Wanted to Say which is about the Twin Towers (a beatiful, tearjerking song if ever I've heard one).  I have always loved his music and I was so excited when I got an interview after 16 years of trying many years ago now in London (the Jazz Cafe)  I never really understood what I liked about him but now I think I do - his lyrics are very clever, witty or thoughtful. 

Here's an interesting question - I was having this discussion with several friends and a surprising amount of people said that they never really listen to the words of a song but that the music is what resonates with them.  They can enjoy a song because they like the music but not the lyrics (or sometimes not even realise what a song is about).  What do you feel - is the music or the lyrics most important to you?  I'll post the results in a month's time!

The day after the show (when we'll get back around 1 a.m.) we have a family birthday and the day after that I'm at yet another show, this time Neville Skelly!  Phew!  And that's just November!  I have to fit in my writing (50K for NaNoWriMo) and my coursework/journals between all that!

Until next time!

REMEMBER:  It's the things you don't do in life that you regret, not what you do, do!

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