I've talked about a lot of subjects here but not one that is close to many people's hearts - music!

One of my favourite ever records is Put the Sun Back by Liverpool band The Coral (well, technically they're from Hoylake but who's checking?!)  I listen to this song whenever I'm feeling down and before I know it my spirits have lifted.  Please click on the video above to have a listen and let me know what you think.  Incidentally, I've been trying to move this clip to the middle of this post but I seem to be doing something wrong.  If anyone knows how to correct this feel free to email me - your help will be appreicated!

I love all sorts of different types of music but the most important thing to me is the lyrics.  If a says something that I can really relate to it tends to quickly become one of my favourites.  Another brilliant song, in my humble opinion, is Anytime by Gilbert O'Sullivan.  He seems to be having something of a resurgence and I love the way he mixes comedy with sadness and joy in all his albums - there really is always something for everyone.  Anytime was an instant favourite of mine because it's catchy AND it got a beautiful message which relates to me and all my really close friends.  It's telling the other person that basically I'll be there for them WHENEVER they need them.  I have a few particularly close friends for whom that is especially true (and I know the feeling is reciprocated ... you know who you are!)  Kate Walsh is another person I could listen to all day - as is Julie Maguire who's song Letting Go is amazing!

People often ask me what I listen to when I write.  Well, the truth is that usually I write in silence because I find any noise, whether television, talking or music very annoying and it tends to distract me.  More than once I've incorporated a scene from a television programme into one of my stories by accident!  However, as always there are exceptions to the rule and there are occasions when I DO feel the need for some musical inspiration (it can work really well if I'm blocked).  In those situations I will be more likely to listen to either a classical piece or just some instrumental music - the type I listen to can have a great deal of influence on what type of piece I end up with.

Have you checked out my new fiction section yet?  I was struggling to write the first story, Hope, and put some instrumental music on, closed my eyes and freewrote - this was the result.

So what is YOUR favourite music?  Leave a message on the comments page - maybe your suggestions will lead us all to discover new music we all come to love.  I'm off to listen to Butterfly House now, the Coral's latest CD which has some beautiful songs!

More will be added to this website within the next day or so - keep your eyes peeled.

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