WAY HAY!  I DID IT!!!!!!!  50,000 words in 48 hours!!!!! :-)

I have to admit it was one of the toughest challenges I have ever had in my life but it's one I feel very proud of.  I would definitley do it again, but only when, as in this case, I had pretty much a clear 2 days - even WITH with two clearest days I have had for a long time it was a close run thing.

It sounds like things are going really well for Paul in AMerica - they are working long hours to get this film made, especially as they are on a very tight deadline.

Well, this is just a short update but a much longer one will follow at the weekend.

Until then, feel free to leave a comment for Paul and I - and also in the Help Wanted section.

Take care!
9/26/2010 03:45:23 pm

Yay Melanie!!

9/30/2010 04:35:37 am

hi melanie i am the girl i keep on asking you about the website finaly i got on it it is fabb ! excerlent you done 50,000 words in 48 hours 2 dayy wooww X


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