We all get stuck in a rut at times, feeling down and sometimes even bitter about our lot in life, regardless of what job we do (even if we don't work we get like that  occasionally) - we are never satisfied with what we have ... the grass is always greener on the other side.

But how do you GET to the other side?

Well, I'm no expert but I've been there myself recently and it wasn't a pleasant experience.  Everyone else seemed to be having children, going on holiday, getting promoted, having more friends - you get the picture.  Of course I was happy for those concerned, many are my closest friends.  But that selfish little voice at the back of my head kept whispering, "What about ME?  When is it MY turn?"  It was a dark and depressing time which seemed to stretch on forever.

Then one day I woke up and was sick to death of feeling so negative.  Something had to change - starting with my outlook!  If other people were moving on with their lives, perhaps it was time to take a look at what was wrong with me.

I dug out my trusty Happiness Journal which I write in religiously every night.  But this time, instead of writing something good that had happened that day, I flicked back and read the book from cover to cover and I realised something.  Even on the darkest days the sun is shining just above the clouds ... I just had to look for it.  It was covered up, not gone!  The journal served its purpose and made me feel better.  It also made me try an experiment.

I decided that, for just ONE MONTH, I would think positively - believing in myself as much and deeply as I can.  I listened to positive music (my favourite is I Still Believe in Me by Erica Gimpel - the song urges the listener not to give in at the first setback but to push harder, learn from the mistakes made, and never rest "Until (you) are standing up there with the very best!"  I read awe inspiring stories of people who succeeded against the odds, and watching the paralympics humbled me - what right do I have to complain when there are people out there with no arms and leg, still trying, regardless of whether they win or lose?  I had to change my outlook - FAST - or I'd be left behind.

Then came a big move from me.  I decided to actively seek out as many opportunities as possible - and the result has been breath taking.

I now have several publishers looking at my books, more visitors than ever coming to this site, a website that wants MY WRITING on a regular basis.  I'm being asked to do guest blogs ... I'm busier now than I've ever been.  These opportunities were ALWAYS there for the taking  but I've always dismissed them in the past for fear of "not being good enough".  But if I don't believe in my own abilities, then how can I expect anyone else to?  By taking responsibility for my own happiness, the tide is beginning to turn in my favour at last.

The problem for me is that I HATE change of any kind because it makes me insecure, but that is something I have to overcome if I'm to become the successful writer I know in my heart I can be!

I will, of course, keep readers of this blog updated on how things progress, but I'd be interested to know how you guys react to changes.  Are you, like me, afraid of change as a whole?  Or do you embrace it, expecting good things to come of it?  Have you made any major changes in your life?  Maybe you were scared - did they turn out the way you wanted.

Tell me your stories - you can get a message to me via the contact page.  I have a prize of a children's book to give away to the most inspiring story that gets sent to me, and a promise to publish it on this site!  What are you waiting for?  Get writing, guys!  

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